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Tech Research for SparkFun. If you’re here because I offended you on the according to Pete contest, I apologize, it’s my job. Just offering constructive criticism.

If you’re here for other reasons, disregard the first bit. I’ve been with SparkFun since 2008 with a mechanical backround. My interest are mostly mechanical, but shifting more and more to electronics, specifically Arduino and single board computers.

Most of my hobbies are more nerdy than I’m willing to admit in a public forum, but of the ones I am willing to talk about, I enjoy hiking, auto racing, and Woodworking.

A lot of the questions we field are related to accomplishing something cheaper via DIY. Until recently, chances of succeeding were variable, but things are starting to change.

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The market for connectors is enormous. Let's discuss how to find the connector that works for you.

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Conformal coatings have always been a big thing in the electronics world, but you rarely see it in the hobbyist/prototyping market. Here's our experience and where it is beneficial to use.

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When you're advertised free toolchains or free value-add, you're skeptical. Ninety-five percent of the time, you're correct, but does that mean the tool isn't worth it?

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All good things must come to an end, especially the availability of the component or product you need.

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It always starts the same; I get an amazing new device or technology dumped in my lap. Then sets in the reality of doing my job.

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Everyone is talking IoT these days. We are extremely pumped about IoT, but it might not be obvious why.

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What are your "yourself" limits when it comes to DIY? What do you value when in your project and what are you looking to accomplish when you "do it yourself"?

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The Internet of Things is a notion of a new age of internet connected devices. It stands to be a great time in technological advancement. You, as our customer, are in a position to get into it from the beginning.

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My experience at CES 2015 and my thoughts on attending.

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We really want to do a fun and amazing project here in Engineering and want to know your thoughts.

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A few us from engineering got to attend the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas earlier this month. Here's some of the stuff we can show.

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Some quick and easy last minute ideas to add electronics to your Halloween decorations.

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A quick roundup of some of the more useful programs I have found being a tinkerer with a Macintosh Computer.

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My experience researching the HexBright; an open source, Arduino programmable flashlight.

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How to Sell Your Widget on SparkFun

June 10, 2015

Have an awesome electronic widget that you want to get to market? We can help resell, or maybe even manufacture it! Find out how.

ELastoLite Hookup Guide

November 14, 2013

Everything you need to setup a circuit using ELastoLite super flexible EL Panels from Oryon Technologies.
  • Here’s the amazon listing I borrowed the photo from.

    The reason I’m so into their connectors is I got to use them when working for an endurance race team. The connector I was using had 8 positions and it was easy to put the pins in the configuration they needed to go. With these connectors, a wire stripper, zip ties, and the crimp tool (probably not cheap) I had put together an entire wire harness for the lights on the spare hood in about a half hour. Those lights ran the rest of the race without problem (~14 hours).

  • Ah, late night detail. I fixed the wording. Sorry about that.

  • I’ll check it out. I’m currently working on learning KiCad right now, but I’ll add it to the list.

  • You’re going to want to contact our Tech Support department on this as there is a multitude of situations that could be leading to you not getting a 1 G reading on the Z axis when it’s stationary.

  • To clarify a bit on the product. Think of this as an alternative to a standard float switch. There is a price difference there, but in most cases, it provides a more reliable way of sensing when a liquid has reached a certain point or level in the container it is in. Arbiag is correct, this won’t give you a variable reading.

  • It can be quite the rabbit hole. Due to how google search works, you can get directed to a product page of ours that requires clicking through 3 other product pages to finally get to the current revision.

  • The breakout was one of my first designs here, I use it as an example more times than not.

  • That is correct. Poor wording on my part.

  • We do occasionally. Sometimes it’s not always about end price, but other factors could include purchase increments, payment types (some people want really sketchy payment methods), or domestic vs international shipping issues. We try to be flexible and go with the option that will give us the cheapest retail price, which does include checking with multiple sources.

  • Exactly, there’s always the chance that the tools are the ones that are best suited for the job, but if it’s something that nobody knows how to use, it makes things difficult.