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  • Okay, so now I've got this ridiculously bright LED that I can put on my bike taillight, that can turn up to 1A of current into "Hey! Don't hit me!"
    And I've got a ridiculously light LiPoly battery pack to run it with, and a heatsink to keep it from melting when I pour that current across the LED. (In fact, I can short a small LiPoly across the LED without destroying either one, but I figure I'm just being saved by the current limiter in the LiPoly pack.)
    But now I want to make it blink. Actually, I want to make a couple of them blink, for maximum "Hey! I'm here! In traffic! Don't hit me!" effect.
    Which means, since my preferred source of programmable blinkiness (an ATtiny25) can't handle that kind of current, I need some sort of switching component that can.
    Most common transistors can't switch 1A either. Even the Darlingtons I can find are 500mA. Relays can handle it, and it seems that so can a TRIAC. But relays are noisy and heavy, and I've never worked with TRIACs before.
    Anyone got any recommendations for turning these puppies on and off really quick?

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