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  • This is a very handy little adapter to connect from the ICD2/3 to your design or many off-the-shelf products using an Olimex-type 6-pin ICD cable. You’d be surprised how much real estate an RJ-11 takes up on a small board and a 6-pin male polarized connector for programming/debug is a convenient solution. Olimex had a version of this that was caused chaos because it was wired to use a “standard” modular cable, rather than the MicroChip cable, which reverses the Pin 1 position between the ICD2 and board RJ-11. The Sparkfun uses the same cable as MicroChip. There are also no additional bells and whistles such as sub-miniature jacks, etc.

  • @EBeamBob - You are absolutely correct - that’s the problem. The ICD2 comes with a gray patch cable with RJ11’s - the tabs are both on the same side. The Olimex white cable’s RJ11’s tabs are on reverse sides. But the PREVIOUS version of the Olimex product had a patch cable with the tabs on the same side like MicroChip’s. Gotta love it. Thanks for your help. Cheers - Bruce

  • WATCH OUT!!! THIS ADAPTER IS NOT DESIGNED CORRECTLY, DOES NOT WORK, AND MAY ACTUALLY DAMAGE YOUR ICD! It hung my system up and it took me an hour to get it back online. Very scary. Finally had to re-load the drivers to the ICD2. Basically they ASSUMED that the pinout of the new straight-through RJ-11 was the same as the older 90-degree version (which works), but in fact Mclr/ ends up being on the PIN6 of the RJ-11, instead of PIN1. They obviously did not do the most basic sanity check after they’d designed it. I emailed customer service over two months ago telling them they should not be selling this defective article, and I got a snippy answer back saying I had give them details of the problem. Then they said it was Olimex’s problem and I should contact them. I am tired of PAYING to fix other peoples' DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS. Obviously they have not even taken the time to check and/or verify my claims, but continue to sell the item, with no obvious concern to the safety of their customers' equipment. Boatner Consulting, LLC. Boise, ID.

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