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  • Alas is shutting down operations as of November 2016

  • Nice intro, but as an embedded maker MatLab et al dont thrill me. I used to work at a large industrial R&D center where LOTS of work was done with MatLab. The PI’s did great work and wrote great papers but in the end the customers (industry/govt) complained that they had to rebuild entirely based on published papers because the MatLab code would not run on the portable systems they built.

    It would be VERY cool to see an ANC application built on something like the Teensy Audio board or perhaps an FPGA device (possibly combined with teensy or other general purpose front end).

  • Thats a very cool project on its own… although a bit different than what I’d asked about, it is a LOT closer to what I just built (CT sensor plus relay controlled by ‘duino/net) I like the pic of the coated board… a bit less likely to make magic smoke fire. Hopefully people only use for the appropriate amperage loads… no refrigerators.

  • would buy one or three for myself and put more into project kits to get people up to speed on stuff. AC in, 3.3vdc out to processor and some sensors, 5vdc for other sensors and relays and such. Industrial Internet of Things is going to be a big bunch of niche markets - small scale production instrumented and reporting online.

  • IoT winds up being most of the categories. IPv6 is one enabling tech required therein. One product I’d LOVE to see from you to help us experiment with these areas is a good small AC-5v/3.3vdc supply. Something that takes the AC power and gives 5v and 3.3v and fits in with the smaller packages IoT projects need. The dual voltage outputs let us run low power processors, and have the higher power for those devices that need it (relays, etc) There are things from ali*** but I’d rather buy usa for reasonably fast delivery… and supporting our fav supplier

  • I’d love to see a board that is a mashup of this and the ProtoScrewShield. A Teensy Screw Shield? Stacking gets a bit tall

  • I got my GPIO as part of the StarterPack. I added some header pins to the gpio breakout, attached the edison and … dang it doesnt quite fit on my breadboard. It seems that the distance from the first pins (3.3v/Gnd) and the main board are just a little bit too small. The edison (which is below the GPIO, so I can add other blocks on top) hits the edge of breadboard, so that end is raise up - whole stack is on a slight angle to the breadboard. It appears to make connection but it is not solid… nothing like a flaky connection to give you debugging headaches

  • Palowireless tutorial mentioned in Resources does not seem to exist …
    palowireless Bluetooth Tutorial – Great in-depth look at how Bluetooth works on every layer. If you’re interested in getting an overview of the protocols behind Bluetooth, check this out…. ( goes to the palowireless main page which is now Cyberonic Internet Communications.

  • Since the microUSB connector on this battery board is ONLY used to charge the battery, and the battery connection pads will short to the console block (unless you read the extra page warning… yes I have an RTFM tshirt but dont rtfm)… why not put the battery lines and the charger microUSB on the other end of the board?
    This would allow the battery block to be connected w/o the extra tape step (avoiding shorts that void warrantee, etc.), and to connect a micro usb cable to it w/o conflicting with the console port cable/plug.

  • Awesome! I’ve been very impressed by SparkFun’s educational outreach. Perhaps you (and readers) would be interested in the new open forum (google group) on education in makerspaces:!forum/maker-educational-forum

    Getting the hardware and software is easy part. Getting a program running, whether at a public makerspace, school, library, museum etc requires a lot more effort. There are lots of folks out there learning how to do it. The forum exists to share resources and experiences (positive and negative) and to build the collaborative educational community.

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