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  • Since the microUSB connector on this battery board is ONLY used to charge the battery, and the battery connection pads will short to the console block (unless you read the extra page warning… yes I have an RTFM tshirt but dont rtfm)… why not put the battery lines and the charger microUSB on the other end of the board?
    This would allow the battery block to be connected w/o the extra tape step (avoiding shorts that void warrantee, etc.), and to connect a micro usb cable to it w/o conflicting with the console port cable/plug.

  • Awesome! I’ve been very impressed by SparkFun’s educational outreach. Perhaps you (and readers) would be interested in the new open forum (google group) on education in makerspaces:!forum/maker-educational-forum

    Getting the hardware and software is easy part. Getting a program running, whether at a public makerspace, school, library, museum etc requires a lot more effort. There are lots of folks out there learning how to do it. The forum exists to share resources and experiences (positive and negative) and to build the collaborative educational community.

  • I have a stripmaster, those cheaper ones, and the pocket knife (and teeth for emergency strippers)… by far my favorite has been the automatic one akin to the ViseGrip linked by Eliot2 and Ivdata showed the Red version, which (i think) is what I have. Mine are the radio shack version. All cost about $20.

    They work very well on most wires. Some thicker wires (Cat5+) may give issues on the outter insulation, but generally they make quick work of such ganged cables - you dont have to fiddle to get the wire in the right slot, switch cutting heads ‘cause the outter sheath is not in the blade set installed, etc.

    I recently found nicks on some small wires that can induce failure. This may have been do to aggressive/fast noobs using em. or trying to strip too many wires at the same time (it can do that well sometimes)

  • Thanks PickledDog! I just received my strands and was excited to try em at 3v… pphbbtt. just red wtf? put em on my bench supply and slowly ran the voltage up 5.3-6v seems to give em vibrant light. Blue drops out quick below that. With proper power, these will be great for xmas projects and beyond.

  • Can these be used with the ELastoLite INV133 inverter? Being AC i’m guessing there isnt an issue on the panel pins, but the inverter has 4 pins… time to experiment.

  • I am blown away that Maui, Hawaii got not just 1st prize but THREE winners in the top 10. Thank you Sparkfun for all you have (and continue to do) with your friends out in the mid-pacific. I’ll see some of you next week at Maker Con/Faire, and hopefully more of you out here sometime!

  • Looking forward to meeting more fundies! I’ll be at Maker Con and talking Saturday 430-5 live stage at Maker Faire. Didnt get into the edu event on thursday.

  • The SIK does not include a power supply. It is intended to run using the USB supplied power, which is very limited.
    Can we add a power supply (eg 5v5a) as one of the other ‘design and structural materials’

    Extra wires are also other design & structural materials, correct?

  • For the desktop surface, check out Shower Board (aka white hardboard). It is essentially masonite with a smooth white surface on one side. It sells for about $17 for a 4x8 sheet… not that much different than the brown stuff. The big plus of this stuff is you can use it as a white board for dry erase markers. Yes it will stain over time as you use it (especially when you leave notes on it for long periods) but so will the Expensive White Board. I did my electronics bench and desk with it and its quite useful for making quick notes, marking out temp areas for parts, etc.

  • This is terrific to see! too many projects ignore security and then try to hack it on afterwards. This at least will make tacking some crypto on easier… if not designing in from the start. When are you starting to take orders? Alpha testers? I got a BBB sitting in my ToDo pile. Perhaps with this cape it can be the net facing portal to the Haiku Lab

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