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  • When is the expected restocking date for these? They look like fantastic little connectors...

  • If you're using this chip as a standalone IC (without an arduino board) you're going to need some more parts, like a resonator (I suggest a ceramic one). I'd check out
    to get an idea about it. Basically, to answer your question, you need a converter to go from your computer to serial communication, then you can use the Arduino IDE to program it.

  • This is a pretty cool part, although it is difficult to mount, even with the breakout board. As far as I can tell it cannot be mounted under a surface, you need another surface under it to mount to. But, nonetheless, a fantastically simple dual pot + button setup.

  • This is a pretty standard accelerometer. You get all three axis with +/- 3g range. Yes, the silkscreen is wrong for the x and y axis (at least mine was), but who looks at that anyway? The ADXL335 chip is used pretty commonly in other IMU applications due to its simplicity

  • I got some of these for a project I was working on, and they are very easy to use. Each one can drive 2 separate motors that pull up to 1A each, or you can wire them both in parallel (send the same PWM to both A & B) and hook up both outputs to one motor to get up to 2A. I used an Arduino to control them, but any microcontroller with PWM outputs will work.
    Fantastic + Cheap = Awesome

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