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  • I’m currently stalled on this project because of funding (kids and home repairs taking priority) but my latest rev for the audio board was successful. here is a photo of the board: http://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/9995617/pics/original/2830119.jpg I have moved from the raspberry pi to an Olimex A20 which handles audio much better, has a more forgiving power input and supports a SATA HDD. I’m saviing for a touchscreen and should be able to pick up the project again soon.

  • First thing I thought of when I saw “continue reading” was Starship Troopers “would you like to know more?”, perhaps in the spirit of letting your geek shine you should change the button text.

  • Seriously, next time we go on tour and you say you want to bring your pet “Rex” along… I thought “Rex” was your dog!!!

  • Um…. I think you mis-understood me when I said “I don’t see the point.”

  • nice… I was actually going to post something similar, but you beat me to the punch

  • I’ve been working on my own custom board. I’m using a TDA7719 for audio switching and processing, and a Raspberry Pi with a touchscreen for a GUI. I have a working prototype and some new boards are being turned right now that will hopefully be the final revision. I’m willing to share more details and my project files, as long as it is understood that I am not an engineer so my design is far from perfect and this project is far from complete.

  • Good to know, thanks for the tip, I was wondering what that noise was. I got it working BTW, it was a mixture of problems. my signal to RST was below 70% of Vd (bad math on my part), so chip never came out of reset. And hence, no response to the power up command.

  • “ it’s not exactly a drop-in replacement, so we have to redo some things.” Other than the loss of SPI and the analogue audio input, what else changed? I’m racking my brain an re-reading the data sheets over and over trying to figure out why i cant talk to the D60. I was talking to the c40 via i2c, but now wire.endTransmission() returns “2” (nack addr). I am about to put the C40 back in and cut my losses.

  • ALLSPARK-FUN kits available soon, plus check our ding and dent section for new items.

  • sorry… I had issues with the formatting, above where it says “i&lt8;”, I wanted to say “i<8;”