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  • Nice board, but the 6 pin header isn’t listed under related products. In fact, I can’t find the 6 pin header at all.

  • It isn’t obvious from the description (not to me anyway) that you MUST order an additional face plate. Since it said it came with a blank face plate and none of the specialized ones fit my needs, I didn’t order one. I didn’t realize that BOTH ends of the enclosure are open and only one faceplate is included. It doesn’t seem to matter what I buy, I always have to make a second order to get everything I need. Which, of course, means double shipping. Not like buying locally matters, though…I usually have to make two or more trips to the hardware store too!

  • Somebody should definitely add the motor mounts to the parts list. Because some of us aren’t smart enough to read the comments before making the same mistake.

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