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  • I think I will hang out in 2nd place at AVC this year.

  • I think the stair bear is great and absolutely deserved the win (atleast out of the 4 posted). I love the custom wheels cut out of foam for climbing the stairs: simple and effective. Great idea and well executed. I also enjoyed Robert Paradiso's bot. Keep it simple, I love it.

  • Just a heads up for Sparkfun and everyone else: I was looking at this datasheet on the invensense website (rev 4.3) and they no longer show the clkout line on their pinout and description (it is still on the block diagram, though). Pin 22 on the 9150 is labeled as RESV (reserved, do not connect). Just FYI.

  • Just curious, but what if they changed their driver and updated their chip firmware (completely change API for example) with the update? Would everyone still be ticked off? The outcome would still be the same. You would have working FTDI chips and non working counterfeit chips. Also, from how I understand it, the chips are not "bricked." They just don't work with the FTDI drivers anymore (it is FTDI's driver). You could technically write a driver that would work with the counterfeit chips (even with a PID of 0x0000). I think people are overlooking the driver aspect of this. It is FTDI's driver designed to work with FTDI's chips. Personally, I am disappointed that FTDI didn't come up with a sneakier way of detecting and preventing the counterfeit chips from working.

  • 12 boxes of cereal, 4-6 weeks of waiting, and this was all I got....

  • I just wanted to chime in and say that I will not be participating because of the use of twitter (I'm probably in the minority). I know that signing up for twitter is easy and takes 2 minutes, but I really don't like twitter and do not want to support twitter. I do want to say that this is not really a complaint about the contest, but more of a FYI. Twitter makes sense for what you are trying to do and you are totally free to use whatever outlet you deem necessary. I really hope that the challenge is extremely successful.

  • Hold still. Now, you might feel a little pressure.

  • I also had an issue with the conductivity of these buttons. I order about 30 pieces recently because I have had good success with these in the past. About 1/3 of them were fine and worked without any issues and the other 2/3 had conductivity issues. As mentioned by another commenter, the male piece (non magnetic) has a thin clear coating on it that prevents it from making good electrical contact. I tried soaking them in acetone, but that did not work. However, I was able to scrape it off with a razor blade fairly easily. The little circular discs that come with were also a problem, as they look like they were punched from recycled material. There was writing and designs on it and I could only remove them by using a dremel tool. I think it was odd that I received some that were bare metal and worked great and the others had coatings on the pieces and did not work until scraped. I hope this gets cleared up because I love this item!

  • I think that's a great idea. I would be down for that.

  • and thousands around the world inexplicably developed carpal tunnel today.

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