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  • Hello!

    I’m having a lot of problems with getting any accurate readings. It seemed to be working somewhat using the Arduino UNO but still says I’m below sea level by about 400ft (not true). However, I needed to switch over to a Mini and have failed to get any readings at all that make any sense. I’m not quite sure how to debug - but, I’ve soldered wire to A4 and A5 in the middle of the mini and it appears to be cleanly connected. Right now, it is reading:

    Altitude(ft):-5068.69 Temp(f):194.90

    Switching back to the UNO the room temp appears to be correct, but the altitude not so much.

    Can anyone give some tips as to how to get to the source of the issue here? Any known issues with using this sensor with the mini? I’m using the code sample that has been posted with it untouched.

    Thank you. Claudia

  • Hello!

    I wired this up easily and it seems to be functioning - but the altitude reading is probably 500 feet off or so from where I know I am. I’ve perused the comments below but didn’t find a consensus on whether this is expected or if it indicates some kind of error. Also - it may be that it needs calibration? Any input / help welcome!


  • i’m desperately seeking a way to color the plastic front of the range finder white. i tried carefully painting it but think it broke the sensor (unsurprising). does anyone know of a clever way to get this done?? thanks!

  • Help! I’m able to connect to my WIFI at home (airport express WPA2) quickly and easily, and yet at my studio where i have a mixed WIFI (WPA/WPA2), i’m stuck and have no idea why. i’ve tried your sketches as well as the WiFly library with the same results.
    At my studio, I’m able to enter command mode in the serial monitor in Arduino IDE and connect to the ssid that way. All looks good:
    set wlan ssid Method
    set wlan phrase xxxxxxxx
    set wlan auth 4
    SCAN:Found 7
    Num SSID Ch RSSI Sec MAC Address Suites
    1 SmartFi 01 -67 WPAv1 74:91:1a:0f:7e:a9 AESM-TKIP 3104 0
    2 MuseGames 02 -69 WPA_Mix 00:24:01:6f:8a:bd AES/TKIPM-TKIP 3104 0
    3 shadygoliath1 06 -73 WEP 00:26:62:0d:1a:f6 1104 2
    4 M3 Entertainment 09 -69 WPA_Mix 0c:d5:02:1e:42:b5 TKIPM-TKIP 1104 6
    5 Method 11 -55 WPA_Mix 00:26:b0:fe:8b:a3 AES/TKIPM-TKIP 3100 0
    6 DHAwifi 11 -62 WPAv1 00:21:29:ae:62:8e TKIPM-TKIP 1104 0
    7 DHAguest 11 -74 WEP 00:15:e9:1e:d2:f8 3104 0
    join # 5
    Auto-Assoc Method chan=11 mode=MIXED SCAN OK
    Joining Method now..
    DHCP: Start
    However - in the wifly_autoconnect sketch, it gets through the setting of ssid etc, and just hangs before either failing or succeeding at associating. I’ve been posted on the Forums but no answers yet - any help would be amazing as i’m stuck and frustrated.
    Thank you!

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