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  • The mad inventor smiled as his beast with two backs roared to life.

  • "The robot function, on the other hand, converts an input voice into a robot voice." That's great, but is there a more technical explanation for the robot function? Does it use a pulse modulator or resonance or ... ? Are we talking Cylon or Dalek?
    EDIT I just RTFDS, and it appears there is NFI. Have any Sparkers had a chance to play with this?

  • This makes me happy. I LOVE THIS STUFF. I bought some from another "Amazin" site last year, and paid roughly $.12 per foot for 150'. If I run out, I know where to go now for 50% less. Every penny counts these days...
    I agree w/ Mr. NPoole. Solid connection and thin but good adhesive. This stuff is nice and sticky, and it's worth mentioning that you can lift and reapply it without leaving a residue. I use my wire snips to cut off a section. I'm not sure what the max temp is, mine came in a zipper storage bag with no data sheet.

  • Yes on the metal housing; I used copper tape to affix my positive lead to the metal housing and it worked like a charm. My negative lead is soldered directly to the spring.

  • At last! I can build my history eraser! Who can resist pushing the big red button? The jolly candy-like button? :)

  • I should have taken my $10. I chose to take the quiz, and by the time it loaded Free Day was a wrap. I'm actually smiling for some insane reason :) Thanks for the fun at least!

  • I'm working on a portable function generator. Would two 9-volt batteries in series be adequate for power?

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