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  • Yeah that should work, but you should bear in mind that if a servo doesn't constantly get a signal from the controller it will not keep it's position. So when you switch to another servo the previous servo may begin to sag whatever it is holding(a swash plate or something judging from your name) it could be disastrous or it could just be inconvenient depending on what the servo is doing. I suppose if you switch quickly enough between the options the device might not notice but I'm not sure what calculations your controller is doing in the background that might slow it down and prevent a fast switch.

  • You may also wish to check out the Fairchild Semiconductor FST3126MX Bus switch. There was an interesting article not too long ago that dealt with AV switching that used that chip. Sounds similar to what you want to do albeit more complicated(you might just want to take a few of the ideas they use).
    The only reason you wouldn't want to use this chip is that it only connects 1 input to 1 output. So you would need at least 2 if you want stereo audio. The bus switch connects multiple inputs to multiple outputs depending on the user selection. Apart from that audio is no more than a fast moving analouge signal.

  • The whole -B 1 speed thing messes up AvrDude, I spent a long time trying to figure out why it wasn't working until I omitted the "-B 1" flag. Works fine now.

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