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  • Using arduino, I had unstable outputs when using the "5V" pin as the power supply pin and the pull-up for the alarm pin.
    Eventually, I used the "5V" pin solely for pull-up (i.e. resistor between "5V" of arduino and alarm pin (black) of motion sensor).
    To power the motion sensor, I tried using a 9V battery which works perfectly. I also tested using the "Vin" pin on arduino and can report stable output, although the detection is somewhat slower than using a pure 9V power supply. The "Vin" pin gives me 4.16V so I am not sure what is happening here.
    So the final pinout is:
    - "Vin" on arduino to Vin for sensor
    - "Gnd" to "Gnd"
    - Resistor between "5V" of arduino and alarm pin of sensor
    - Wire from alarm pin to input pin on arduino
    Hope this helps anyone trying to use this sensor with the arduino board.

  • This is the single, most absurd piece of litigation bs I have ever seen. I am familiar with SPARC and have been looking into its OpenSPARC platform and have never, even for a second, thought of SparkFun while reading about SPARC.
    This is plain stupid and I agree that the lawyers are the true winners in this. Do keep the SparkFun community posted on any updates and we'll see how we can help out.

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