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  • I see some comments about rate of charge using this low cost handy charging circuit. The charger does not deliver a constant current to the battery. The current depends on the voltage of the battery and the temperature. The lower the voltage of the battery and the higher the temperature the lower the average charge current. If you need a faster charge (for larger capacity cells) it is possible to connect two chargers in parallel using the + and - through holes next to the battery connector (they stack very neatly as long as you leave room for the Micro / Mini USB connector). Testing the same 2Ah battery (PRT-08483) discharged at 2A until the battery voltage drops to 2.5V. Charging with one LiPo charger at room temperature the charge time was 6.5 hours . Charging using two LiPo chargers in parallel at room temperature the charge time was 2.76 hours. Charging using two LiPo chargers at 104F (40C) the charge time was 3.81 hours. Note the significant reduction in charge time when adding a second charger, however also note the significant increase in time when the temperature is increased, though still less than one LiPo charger. Note for safety reasons it is not recommended to use these chargers for charging LiPo batteries when the battery temperature is above 113F (45C) (Cell manufacture guidelines may vary slightly from this). For more details google JEITA charging guidelines.

  • There is an I2C voltage-level translator on this board it would be nice to have through holes to allow access to the outputs of this.

  • If the board is used with outputs configured for push pull then it is necessary to remove / disconnect the pull-up resistors to avoid unwanted power loss.

    Also have to agree with request to change form factor. With a battery, I2C, microSD, base and PWM block this end of the stack of boards is getting very congested.

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