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  • I've tried with an other pro mini. and nothing better

  • can't have a gesture detection! All message said it's good but no detection. I've try the proximity sketch and i've good feedback values. i use a mini pro in 3.3V. I've try to change interrupt on pin 3 (with attachInterrupt(1,inerruptRoutine, FALLING);) but same pb...

  • i think it's a feature on reader. you need 13,5 MHz reader for that. and tag that can be switch off, with "anticollision" bit. (i don't remember which tag ISO) the technic (if remember my old reading) is to read the tag on the reader, switch off the tag, read the next tag, switch off until there is no tag. not sure but it seems you can not loop more than 10 time... If i'm wrong, please give use the solution... I've looked for a while and only find Skyetek M1 13.56 Mhz RFID around 100$

    read this: