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  • Neat project, but the $890 price tag for just the electronics exceeds my lifetime chess board budget.

  • Has Nate found out yet what caused the loss of temperature/humidity data?

  • That Beehive project looks interesting. Has that been written up on the site yet? Specifically what are you using for that visualization? That’s much nicer than the JavaScript mess I have going.

  • Here’s the script I used to pull the images:

    $ cat getmsh
    wget -O /opt/home/eric/mshimages/mshvolcanocam-`date +%d%m%g-%H%M`.jpg

    The important bit is the command substitution in the filename using date +%d%m%g-%H%M

    using the crontab example above, you could do:

    */5 6-20 * * * raspistill -o /path/to/image-`date +%d%m%g-%H%M`.jpg

    I then used transcode to make the movie at the end of the month.

  • I had the same thought. Years ago, I had a script to scrape the Mt. St. Helens webcam image and store it. I used cron to run the script every 5 minutes, and at the end of the month another script ran to make a timelapse for the month using ffmpeg. You can concatenate the date/time into the filename when you save the image. If I can find the script when I get home tonight, I’ll post it.

  • Ideas for making the aerial competition more challenging (and even more entertaining): 1. Burning rings 2. Anti-aircraft fire (possibly re-purpose the atrium nerf-launcher?)

  • Agreed, the NEETS modules are very handy for basic learning. It helps that they are broken up into discreet topics, so you can skip the ones you don’t need at the time. I think I still have a hard-copy set of NEETS modules in the basement somewhere from youth.

  • AVC is taking on a bit of a Mad Max feel this year…

  • You guys need to come up with some hidden cameras to capture your pranks without arousing suspicion.

    Also, I’m jealous of Pete’s office. It’s way cozier than my cubicle.

  • Either put all of the elctronics (including battery) on the rotating part, and control it wirelessly, or use a slip ring to pass signals. Ladyada did a slip ring tutorial/teardown video not long ago.

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