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  • Yes, host versus device mode switching is determined by the cable plugged into the native port so it does not matter what the sketch is doing. Plugging in an OTG to host cable switches the native port into host mode. Plugging a cable to a computer host port switches the native port to device mode for bootloading, console, etc.

    Long answer

  • Is USB host mode supported on either SAMD21 boards? I am using a Arduino Zero with a USB OTG to host cable + USB keyboard. The example USB keyboard sketch works great.

    Can the same be done using either or both SAMD21 boards? Is the micro USB port equivalent to the Zero native USB port? How should be board be powered so it provides 5V USB output to the keyboard?

    The schematic shows the micro USB ID pin and USB_HOST_EN are connected which makes me think host mode should work but I do not understand how the hardware works.

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