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schoolwebsite (not interesting enough).

  • Product SEN-10742 | about 2 years ago

    thx for your explanation. Could you also tell what the frequency is of the oscillator.

  • Product DEV-10998 | about 2 years ago

    PJRC has a quite good documentation in my opinion. The teesy is compatible with the arduino IDE, has a library database with verry good examples and is cheaper.

    Adafruit has also a 32u4 board, but that one is the same prize as the teensy and does also use the arduino Leonardo bootloader (and some extra features like a fuse).

  • Product SEN-09376 | about 2 years ago

    These sensors look like the ones that are used in the Native Instruments maschine. Their version of the pads have a square hole in the middle for the leds and are working slightly different i think. But maybe it is a good idea if sparkfun (if it is possible) add similar square pads with a hole for leds?

    here is a link to the NI Maschine teardown.

  • Product COM-08828 | about 3 years ago

    I think this nob fits rotary encoder COM-09117? the picture on the rotary product page shows the rotary encoder with this nob on it. Is this correct ?

  • Product WRL-10559 | about 3 years ago

    RS232 to TTL converter circuit.
    = dead link

  • News - Happy Free Day | about 3 years ago

    I was waiting 3 hours to get nothing …. I answered the first question (it was the good answer) but i got nothing :(

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