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  • I'm having a problem with this module.
    Configuration is :
    FTDI 3.3v cable
    cable TXD (orange) connected to module Pin 1 RXD
    cable RXD (yellow) connected to module Pin 2 TXD
    cable GND (black) connected to module Pin 3 GND
    cable VCC (Red) connected to module Pint4 VDD
    no other connections:
    using tera term 9600 N81 - I don't see any data
    using GPS View_0422-1 - I don't see any data
    Any Ideas ?
    Thank You

  • I did a little hacking with regedt32 and changed the comport from 10 to 3. I can now update the firmware.
    The registry remembers all FTDI converters that have been used. The driver does not reassign unused comport numbers. In some cases that a good thing. It would be nice to be able to "reserve" a set of comport numbers to be reused as devices are used and removed.

  • I'm using a FTDI 3.3v (DEV-09717) cable connected to my OpenLog. Using teraterm on COM10 I can make a connection to the device. all is good.
    to upgrade the firmware I'm using the follow cmd:
    avrdude.exe -p atmega328p -P COM10 -c stk500v1 -b 57600 -Cavrdude.conf -U flash:w:main.hex
    and get this response:
    avrdude.exe: ser_open(): can't open device "COM10": The system cannot find the file specified.
    I have put libusb0.dll in the system32 directory.
    is the problem that arvdude can't handle high number com ports?
    thank you

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