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  • Guys, I am struggling to hide the sensor. I tried to build a small case around it using a 3D printer but gesture detection don't work. It seems that it needs to have nothing in its near surroundings. I tried several cases with no success. I then thought of putting a glass on top of it. I tried with transparent plastic with no success neither. Has someone managed to cover in some way this sensor? Regards

  • Thanks Shawn. I actually gave up trying to read RGB from the sensor. Will probably use another sensor for that purpose.

  • Hi all, Just got this gem and used it successfully with my Photon Particle to detect gesture. It works like a charm. When I want to use the RGB sensor with the example provided it does not seems to give good results. Do I need to make some calculation to get the real R, G and B? I mean do I need to mix the ambiant light value with the R value to get the real R value?


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