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My name's Joe, i'm a compulsive tinkerer, hacker, reverse engineer, and inventor. I like pi?a coladas, getting caught in the rain, and playing with dead things and making things that go boom.

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English, Spanish, Bad english, jive.

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basic, c, python


Everything, i'm amazing like that.


World domination, and Women

  • Any chance of getting pictures of what the display actually looks like?

  • When you say an Uno can refresh it at 50 Hz, do you mean 50 of the pixels changed per second, or do you mean all 64x64 pixels changed 50 times in one second?

  • Cool design, i'd love to see a version that ditches the atmega/xbee in favor of an esp8266 for wireless and processing.

  • I've used one in my youth to make a light based sound transmitter using only an LED conncted to a radio's headphone jack and a CDs cell connected to an earphone and battery. it worked just fine.

  • Mine immediately illuminate blue when powered. How do i stop this? i don't want my project to suddenly flash bright blue every time it power cycles. did i get a bad batch?

  • Can this support HDCP?

  • I don't know about electronics goldmine, but I've purchased these cells for $0.87 each (.699 for 10) from digikey, and i've purchased them from solarbotics (at $1.00 each), they are the same.

  • Thanks, sparkfun! i got a monocle, an arduino and a green laser. I'll be making a robot using the laser and a gameboy camera for rudimentary machine vision, with an arduino brain.

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