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  • I understand thaty I cannot use AT commands with the "Thing" board (which is a pity as a base ESP8266 module supports both Arduino sketches AND AT commands in the same firmware, so I do not understand why a more expensive Thing board supports one or the other, but that is another topic). The topic is to have a working serial monitor or more precisely to be able to use the UART serial output of the Thing board to communicate with an arduino board or other microcontroller that listens on the serial port. If I understand right, this is not possible with the Thing board except to flash a NodeMCU firmware ? I am getting griberish with the factory installed Thing firmware, whatever the baud speed is set to (I tried all speeds in the serial monitor drop down list). Does anyone already succeeded to display something in serial monitor and if yes, could you post your steps and config that is required to do that ? thx for help.

  • How do I know what the correct baud rate is ? I can only set it on the serial monitor. What is the baud rate of the board ?

  • I can't get the serial monitor not to display griberish, although I followed the directions to cut the trace of the DTR jumper. With or without the jumper, i get only griberish which as a result makes the use of AT commands impossible with this board. I do not advise people to buy this board if you need to have access to AT commands. it works only with uploading sketches which is very disappointing and frustrating for an ESP8266 board that is twice the price of a standard module (on which by the way i have very easily access to AT commands on serial monitor).

  • This does not solve my issue of griberish on the serial monitor. With or without the jumper, I just can't get access to AT commands on this board ! so frustrating for a board that costs two times the price of basic modules (on which i made it work without any efforts on the contrary to this sparkfun thing). Should I return the board or does it it work because of bad design (GPIOO being permanently linked to GND ?)

  • I can't get AT commands to display without griberish on the serial monitor. I followed exactly the directions of cutting the trace on the DTR jumper, added a removable jumper. When jumper is on I can upload sketches. With or without the jumper, i get griberish on the serial output. This does not work as described! HELP

  • What is the purpose of the 5V-3.3V solder pads on the back of the board ? Does it change the voltage level of the I/Os ? What happens if i solder the 5V pad ? (since the board is supposed to be a 3.3V board ?! I am confused an no explanation found on this site)

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