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  • Thanks, although it's even worse than I thought. :-/

  • Very good, thanks for the info. I don't mean to pry, but I'm thinking of making and selling a PCB tuner. How much do you guys have to pay for your FCC device IDs? I have been reading about this, and I understand the way to do this is to hire a third-party lab which certifies the device. But I also read that usual costs for this service are $10k. OUCH.

  • You linked to the device's approval. Consider, as an example, that a handheld Ham transmitter will be an FCC approved device -- but you need a license to operate it legally.

    On a related note, how does Sparkfun sell all of these electronic devices without FCC IDs?

  • Yes! My breakout board has arrived! How do I use it to break out?

  • Here is my list of air vehicle types, sorted in order of (decreasing) safety:

    1. Ducted-fan electric airplane with soft nose
    2. Quadricopter w/ electric drive
    3. Helicopter w/ electric drive
    4. Airplane w/ exposed prop and electric drive
    5. Liquid or gas-fueled internal-combustion airborne vehicle
    6. Rocket/missile

    You've banned 2 and 3, but not disallowed, e.g., gasoline or propane-powered vehicles, nor solid-fuel rockets.

    In addition, a fast-moving airplane striking the crowd would be very dangerous.

    Suggestion: Specify a maximum rotating blade tip speed of 75 mph and allow rotating blades within that limit, without regard to plane of rotation. Most quadricopters will pass and most airplanes will not. Disallow internal combustion for airborne craft. Disallow rocket or jet propulsion. Disallow vehicle speeds in excess of 75mph.

    OR, build a polycarbonate geodesic dome viewing structure.

    The current rules are illogical, in other words.

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