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  • Nice Presentation.
    There is more to the story. T12's are phased out completely in 2012. Utility rebates have never been higher. DOE estimates that 75% of our buildings could save 50%.
    Ballast disconnects are requried by code. Consider only NEMA Premium 120/277v Ballasts and the highest output lamps. These are not found at the big box store.
    Spectrally Enhanced Lighting is a lighting technology that uses higher color temperature lamps with higher color rendering characteristics producing light that is more like daylight. SEL is perceived as brighter by the eye so by delamping fixtures, more energy can be saved.
    We offer advice for do it yourself retrofits. We also provide Lighting Redesign Services, help with rebate forms, Audits and Financing.
    Consider leasing the equipment over a 3 year term so that your energy savings is higher than the lease payment yielding a positive cash flow from month 2.
    Steve Heising, CLEP

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