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  • My own cat has made me want to build something like this, but call me paranoid...I'm pretty sure my place would end up on the news due to creating a minor flood. Meanwhile, I'd find the cat by the sink, perfectly fine, looking at me as if to say "What? Problem?"

  • Two comments:
    1) As a mechanical engineer, it brings a tear to my eye every time you guys add cool pieces of (non-electronic) hardware on here.
    2) I'm sorry to all the Standard/English(Imperial) units folks out there, but metric is what everyone in academia uses and what every engineering student prefers to use because they are SO much easier to manipulate in equations.
    I say NO to mass in SLUGS. ^_^

  • Not sure why, but the site buried my comment in a random place out of order? >_< Hopefully you can answer it!

  • Hi Nate,
    I'm always curious about companies that use suppliers/manufacturers based in China to create their products. I'm not saying this would happen with more than a few shady companies, but are you concerned at all about anyone (once they have your designs and know how to make them) taking your original work and making knock-offs? It happens with so many goods, and I know IP laws are rarely enforced there. If I had my own business (like SFE) it would be a huge concern for me. Have you had any issues/concerns with this stuff at all?

  • This one truly almost got me...curse April Fool's Day!

  • Oh Nate, you actually ate the chicken feet?! You are a brave man.
    "It's really not that much different from how we do things in Boulder..."
    With one key exception:I bet you pay your workers a living wage. ^_^

  • In case any Solarbotics folks come back on here: I love your kit! I DID manage to overload it though...Ill be getting another :)<br />
    <br />
    [FYI: When I last wrote SB about getting more spacing for 4-40 screw heads, they said the newer version of the kit should take care of it.]

  • Lucas Barton would approve.

  • That was what went through my mind as well! You'd have to keep the current load fairly small through such thin boards, even with a beefy motor driver, right?<br />
    <br />
    "Innovate with China"? Hmm...

  • Wait...so do you guys solder in that missing trace for this first batch, or do we take care of that? Just wondering if I need to break out the small-diam. wire.

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