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  • No. You probably want to run it at 3-4 times the rated voltage. Seems counter intuitive I know but thats common. To achieve high step rates, the motor supply is typically much higher than would be permissible without active current limiting. For instance, a typical stepper motor might have a maximum current rating of 1 A with a 5Ω coil resistance, which would indicate a maximum motor supply of 5 V. Using such a motor with 12 V would allow higher step rates, but the current must actively be limited to under 1 A to prevent damage to the motor.

  • I am using Qty(4) of M3x.5
    I think the number 4 in the reference is the Quantity needed.
    I agree thats a really goofy way to show the screw call out.
    Thats a metric 3mm screw with a 0.5mm thread pitch and 4 needed.
    Basically a standard off the shelf metric screw.
    Oh yeah, The screw holes in the motor are about 1/2 in deep.
    Hope that helps.

  • Just another example of corporate attorneys with nothing better to do. I guess they have to prove somehow that they are worth keeping on the payroll. There is no similarity what-so-ever. I use both companies products and have for years. I have never once made the "similar" connection, so I wonder how they did. Again....Too much time on their lawyers hands. Just make sure that after you finally do win this case that you sue the hell back out of them to get your lost time and money back for defending yourselves. Tell them to take it out of their lawyers salaries. This makes me sad.

  • Unless the mic is very close to the source, the output is almost unusable. It takes a pretty good finger snap or hand clap to get my O-scope to show a response when set on 1VPP. It would be nice if you could easily adjust the gain, however the small smt components and tight layout make this a bit challanging.

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