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  • Your correct, the concept of Arduino is the total package.. But in this case with the backstabbing going on, the software trumps it all for me. And if you think about it, it should for the rest as well.

  • This is best explanation I have seen as to who the support should go to. Think about it, anyone can make the boards. The software is a different story.

  • What scope and bench supply are you using there ?

  • Trying to decide between this product and the Arduino Display Module - 4.3" Touchscreen LCD.

    Is the major difference is that this includes the Arduino adapter ?

    Looking for why I would buy this over the other.

  • You say: “Note: The module can be switched to a "SGC” by changing the firmware. It’s been brought to our attention that trying to program the 4D screens using an FTDI breakout can damage the driver. You’ll need to use the FT232RQ USB to Serial which you can find in the related items below."

    What is SGC and why would I want to use that ? Also any word on the Capacitive touch version ?

  • Is there some kind of break out board for this, was hoping it would fit on a bread board but the pins don’t quite make it. So an adapter is going to be needed. If any one knows of one, that would be great.

  • Datasheet PDF wont load or download. Broken ?

  • I have been looking to use this board and compile the code.

    The sample code talks about using arduino but the code isn’t for the arduino IDE and I don’t know what was used to compile it.

    Any chance of getting code that works as demo code for the arduino IDE ?

    This device is pretty useless to me atm.

  • Anyway to see the AVC that was streamed ? As I didn’t see it when it was live. :(

  • I just got this shield and the SFE Inventors Kit UNO and the 2 DONT work together. I cant even get the program to compile right.
    I really wish these files were kept up to date. So now i will go digging and see if i can find the information to make this work.

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