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  • Will this work for 7.2v batteries or just 3.7v ?

  • Can this be used with normal NON-RTK GPS, and does it improve the performance ?

  • Very cool, but not really all that stupid. I could see uses for things such as this.. Hence:

    I am interested in an unpopulated Pro Micro-ATX boards and a handful of “expansion cards” left over that you mentioned.

  • To be honest, I find it all silly.

    Coming from a Unix/Linux background of many years, we have the motto "Use the right tool for the job" or

    "Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together. Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a universal interface."

    I think code is like cars, we each like something different. Would be nice if we could all get along.

    So while I can see how we all might have a different opinion about what to use, hopefully we can agree to work together.

  • Great POSTs today.

    Very cute little dog there. What is its name ?

    You should have introduced it to us.

    How do you like CO from NY ?

  • That makes sense.

    Very cool.

    The razor says its only good for 140 lbs ?

    How did you get around that ?

  • What a great write up, this just makes me want to try and build one.

    I am still fuzzy on the need/use/howto of the razor parts, I see them sitting under the car but nothing was really said about how that part fits in.

    Still great job.

  • So, if they are completely separated from each when charging, can they share a ground otherwise ?

    I guess I don't understand why they could share the same USB cable for charging.

  • I have been a big fan of you and of Adrian Rosebrock for sometime.

    I am glad to see that you know of him, his course in computer vision is really worth the little money he is asking for it.

    I hope that at some future date you might want to contact him and tell him about this project, he might just include in his blog.

  • I thank everyone for the comments, I wound up buying this:

    Maker Select 3D Printer v2

    I know that it is nowhere near the same kind of printer, but to be honest this little printer I got prints everything prefect. It may not be as fast or have dual heads, but it seems to be very accurate and repeatable for the price which I got it $270.00. Thought I did well.

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