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  • If smoke comes out, due to connecting PWM control to Arduino PWM, would the replacing the ZXLD1350 driver chips be the most likely fix? Or would the inductors be the likely problem? Does anyone have experience fixing their mistakes with this board?
    I plan to order both the inductor and driver,, but of the two parts, the inductor looks like the more difficult part to replace. I’ll post an update if I manage to fix the problem. Thanks! -John

  • For something similar, you could look for a MyVu or a Trimersion, or try this link:
    It’s old but the guy might still have modules.

  • The pinout on the Kopin (from memory) is
    pin 1: 3.3V
    pin 2: GND
    pin 3: Video NTSC/PAL
    pin 4: Video Shield/Ground
    pin 5: Right Audio (left? – read the data sheet)
    pin 6: Left Audio (right? – see above ^^)
    pin 7: Audio shield/ground
    Pin 1 should be labeled (really tiny) on the 7-pin JST SH header. The Kopins work on 2xAA Alkaline batteries (non-rechargeable) just fine.
    OBE, since this is out-of-stock, but hope it helps.

  • I’m pretty sure these use something similar to a Kopin BDM-230K or similar (the MyVu media player and other video glasses use these modules). The eyepieces look near exactly like my BDM230K.
    The Kopin displays take NTSC/PAL video, and I think they put alternate scan lines on the right/left sides (I could be wrong – they might display the same image), so it might be possible to get stereo vision. I believe they run from the same driver module.
    Removing the backlight will possibly just ruin the module – I don’t think these can be made into a HUD, though the small field of view means you can be wearing them and still see other things.
    I own a BDM230K that I picked up for $45 from a fellow who worked on Trimersion prototypes. You can pick up a Trimersion for about $100 and dissect it for a Kopin display, Airwave 630/634 A/V Tx/Rx modules, and some other good, hackable stuff. Data sheets for the Kopin modules are all available.
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