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  • I have two of these pressure sensors with each connected to a Particle Photon, the sensors are placed next to each other, I have one sensor reading 2249 Pascals and another reading 2087 Pascals. Can someone please suggest the reason for this huge difference in readings of about 162 Pascals. This equates to about 123 ft altitude difference between the two sensors.

  • Hi, I would like to use this sensor (BMP180) on an elevator for extended periods (months together), below is the guidance from Sparkfun.

    Sparkfun guidance: "You should also remember that pressure changes due to weather will affect your altitude readings. The best accuracy will be obtained if you take a “fresh” p0 when you need it and don’t rely on it to be accurate for extended periods due to changes in the weather"

    How can I obtain a fresh p0 when the elevator is continuously moving ?

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