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  • You shouldn’t need that.

    Example code here:

  • There isn’t any wiring required, unless you want to hook it up in some different manner to how it is intended. For that situation teh relevant pins are broken out. This shield will work with any standard Arduino or compatible board. You just connect audio into the input and optionally take it out of the output via 3.5mm jacks.

  • The audio input needs to be at normal line levels to get a good reading. That’s the sort of levels you’d feed into an audio amplifier. The levels from an iPhone are a bit low unless you have the volume at about 80%-90%. So the idea would be to feed your audio in from your device at an appropriate level to get good results, then out to your powered speakers or an amp and adjust the listening level there. Listening with headphones at that level will be a bit too loud for most people.

  • To get started, here’s an Arduino sketch to use it, runs fine on an UNO and 1.0.5 of the Arduino suite.

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