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  • Is that really just 900 microWatts(uW)?

  • Would have saved me a lot of time if I had known that the ADD0 pad on the back of the module had to be opened in order to use I2C addresses 0x4A and 0x4B. That really needs to be added to the documentation...

    I figured it out from the schematic, once I realized that there are two different versions of the schematic: v13 on the product description page, and v12 on the hookup guide page.

    The interface library: "SparkFun_TMP102_Arduino_Library-master" doesn't work properly on the ESP8266. When it tries to create the 2's complement for negative temperatures, it assumes 16-bit int instead of the 32-bit int on the ESP8266. As a result, negative temps become 7400 degrees...

  • Will RooTooth work with the Series 500 Romba? They default to 115K bps; is it possible to reconfigure the RooTooth to match?
    Also: I hear "Roomba Status" works better than "SCITester":

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