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  • Coffee updates on Slack - that's a cool idea! Instead of a load cell, another option is to use the conductive foam IC's sometimes come packaged on. As you compress it, it's resistance drops. Over a limited range, it's surprisingly linear and intrinsically self-damped. I used it on the feet of a walking machine to determine where the C of G was in relation to the feet in contact with the ground. Just sandwich a bit of the foam between two metal pads. Then you just need one Analog pin to read.

    Possibly a better solution might be to use the conductive rubber band (Sorry, couldn't find it on Sparkfun!). Squashing it between two plates works similarly. Probably more hygenic than foam and less likely to set (squash) over time.

    Damn! Another project!

  • Love the "3.3V Logic Only" Label - it will help keep the magic smoke inside! Nice, clear looking display too!

  • The advantage of the Patent system is disclosure. While I may not be able to commercially manufacture the widget you've designed - your Patent tells me (mostly) how it works so I can potentially build one for my own use. I may adapt it, innovate and perhaps file a patent for an improved Widget - or sell it - or just enjoy it myself!

    The disclosure element [can] spark ideas and push innovation as much as it stifles it.

  • Only Large size? Come on Sparkfun - not all of us are the same size as a certain Golden Robot - we range from MSE-6 to AT-AT ;-)

  • You can add a feedback wire to any servo easy as. Inside there is a potentiometer, turned as the servo moves. Just connect the middle pin on the pot to your analogue in. Generally the pin will vary between 0 & 5v over the servos range of movement.

    I suspect the 'feedback' servos are just off the shelf servos with the wire added. Making your own means you can use servos of an appropriate size / torque.

  • That's a fantastic company ethos - much like my own!
    I've had to draw a line under skateboards for me at least - I always seem to land painfully in the prickly bushes!
    You've forgotten the two most important things for being happy at work:
    Air Conditioning and a Diet Coke Vending Machine!
    Fantastic products from a fantastic company.

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