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A Maker at home and Work!

  • Coffee updates on Slack - that's a cool idea! Instead of a load cell, another option is to use the conductive foam IC's sometimes come packaged on. As you compress it, it's resistance drops. Over a limited range, it's surprisingly linear and intrinsically self-damped. I used it on the feet of a walking machine to determine where the C of G was in relation to the feet in contact with the ground. Just sandwich a bit of the foam between two metal pads. Then you just need one Analog pin to read.

    Possibly a better solution might be to use the conductive rubber band https://www.adafruit.com/product/519 (Sorry, couldn't find it on Sparkfun!). Squashing it between two plates works similarly. Probably more hygenic than foam and less likely to set (squash) over time.

    Damn! Another project!

  • Love the "3.3V Logic Only" Label - it will help keep the magic smoke inside! Nice, clear looking display too!

  • The advantage of the Patent system is disclosure. While I may not be able to commercially manufacture the widget you've designed - your Patent tells me (mostly) how it works so I can potentially build one for my own use. I may adapt it, innovate and perhaps file a patent for an improved Widget - or sell it - or just enjoy it myself!

    The disclosure element [can] spark ideas and push innovation as much as it stifles it.

  • Only Large size? Come on Sparkfun - not all of us are the same size as a certain Golden Robot - we range from MSE-6 to AT-AT ;-)

  • You can add a feedback wire to any servo easy as. Inside there is a potentiometer, turned as the servo moves. Just connect the middle pin on the pot to your analogue in. Generally the pin will vary between 0 & 5v over the servos range of movement.

    I suspect the 'feedback' servos are just off the shelf servos with the wire added. Making your own means you can use servos of an appropriate size / torque.

  • That's a fantastic company ethos - much like my own!
    I've had to draw a line under skateboards for me at least - I always seem to land painfully in the prickly bushes!
    You've forgotten the two most important things for being happy at work:
    Air Conditioning and a Diet Coke Vending Machine!
    Fantastic products from a fantastic company.

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