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  • Mine was only $8 and change, and that was after adding to an order where the shipping was $6 and change (so, essentially $17 for the box). I must live in a more shipping-friendly location than you.

  • Woo hoo I’m excited!

    Edit: got mine at 10:01:36 am. The process was completely smooth and painless!

  • Ooooooooh that makes a ton of sense now. Thanks, Pete!

  • Hi Pete! I’m a total noob to IMUs so this was a great video (as always). However, I have a question: what does it mean when a part is listed as “do not use for a new design”? And how would one know it is listed that way? I did a simple Ctrl+F search in the data sheet for “do not” or “design” and couldn’t find anything. Thanks!

  • Define better. I’m currently using some of the things I got from the last dumpster dive, and the rest of the things are in my “to find a use for” pile.

  • I love it! That’s very similar to what I did last year. I set mine up in one of our real jack-o-lanterns next to another jack-o-lantern with a real candle in it, and then we put our candy bowl in front of them. Then instead of vomiting I had various scary monster sounds. I used some neopixels for the candle effect (I had some extras from another project that never came to fruition) and it was realistic enough that you really couldn’t tell the two lanterns apart.

    Unfortunately, I spent so much time on getting a good candle flame that I ran out of time to get the proximity sensor (motion sensor in my case) working, so instead I wired it up to a manual push button. It allowed me to perfectly time the scare (or avoid scaring the smaller children), but it also gave another chance for the particularly smart/observant ones to predict what was going to happen… Kids these days are so jaded!

    Edit: here’s a link if anyone’s interested in seeing what I made.

  • Dang, these things were great! (Though pricey). Hopefully they can be unretired at some point.

  • I hate it when other people complain about sales, so please don’t take this the wrong way because I LOVE you guys, but… is there going to be any way to combine shipping across days?

  • Did you ever output the selected random number generated from add_to_moves? What if the random number generator, for whatever reason, had a bug and continually put out the exact same number? If the RNG were to fail after X calls, that would show the behavior you got. It would never happen at the beginning, but you couldn’t predict the exact time it would fail because the number of random() calls would vary from game to game, depending on how non-repetitive the RNG decides to be. Now I don’t know WHY that would happen, and it your commented out “attempt 1” in the new code would suffer the same problem, so if it worked, then my theory’s no good.

    Personally, while I’ve been programming for a long time, I’m newer to Arduino and C# in particular. Debugging a VBA macro is cake when you can just step through the lines one at a time, but on Arduino I’m learning a new syntax plus debugging hardware, all while having very limited debugging options – it’s a ton harder for me to chase down bugs! On my current project, I spent 3 days chasing down what I thought was a software issue that ended up actually being a component wired backwards!

  • I love that this is the first thing I’ve seen Rob in where he’s had full range of motion, and it’s for a product used by people without a full range of motion!

    Unless of course this was filmed earlier and it’s how you broke your arm!

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