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  • 249… Mine’s already on its way :)

  • This kit consists of the Capacitor Kit, Discrete Kit, jumper wires, mini breadboard, 3 LEDs and a few diodes. For those (like me) who were hoping that the free “Small Parts Kit” would turn out to be the SF Beginner Kit, the basic difference is this kit has greater quantities with less variety. You get almost triple the number of capacitors (including 10 of the 1000uF, of which the Beginner Kit has none), 7 times the number of transistors (including 20 MOSFETS lacking from the Beginner Kit), and 5 times the number of diodes. For that you give up the photocell, 555 timer, op amps, push buttons, switches, headers, 7-segment display and the parts box. For me personally, I’d rather have the beginner’s kit, since I already have the capacitor kit and am lacking in the random buttons and switches department, but at current prices it’s a $24.35 value and I’m getting it for free so I guess I can’t complain.

  • This is just one of the reasons I love SparkFun. The tutorials/educational materials are what drew me here in the first place, but being utterly jealous of your corporate culture is why I keep coming back.

  • Seconded. The makerspaces in my area aren’t nearly that expensive, but I haven’t found one that fits in my hobby budget with any room left over for actual hobbying. No point in having access to all the tools if I can’t afford the materials.

  • Awesome, thanks for the link!

  • I’m curious what kind of data a supplier would want that they’d lose a paying customer over it.

  • I appreciate that you showed both the technical way and the old-school way of making the tiles! I love that your tutorials are real people making real stuff that they really like, and not just example products to sell SF inventory.

    When I used to play D&D I would occasionally flirt with the idea of making dungeon tiles. But back in the day (you know, 10 whole years ago), 3D printers weren’t a thing and I didn’t think I had the artistic talent to make the designs from scratch. And of course now that I have a 3D printer (still in its box in pieces, but I digress), I don’t have a regular tabletop game any more :(

  • “Aaaaaaaand this is why Nick is no longer allowed to eat at the SparkFun cafeteria on Taco Tuesday.”

  • Honestly I was going to say about the exact same thing. Guess that makes me a grumpy old fart as well.

  • I don’t do collaborative projects for the same reasons as you, Pete: I don’t have a ton of time to devote to it, and I never work on anything interesting enough to warrant it. (Though one could argue, in a way, that I’m doing a sort of phantom, one-way collaboration. I’m not pushing any boundaries with my hobby, so I heavily rely on guides and instructions from the people who have gone before me. The difference between that and true collaboration is they already did their part and just posted it on the internet for me to read some time later. We are collaborating across time!)

    All that being said, I think I understand why people like collaborating, and it’s mostly what you’ve already alluded to. I’ll use my wife as an example. She’s always trying to start “clubs” or events for her hobbies, which are otherwise doable solo: book club, sewing club, meal prep class, culture nights, food competitions, etc. The reasons she wants these collaborations, for the most part, are entirely unrelated to the hobby itself. The book club allows her to explore new ideas on the same subject; the sewing club allows her to learn techniques from those more advanced than her; the meal prep class lets her teach others; culture nights (aka foreign-culture-themed dinner parties) let her divide the work and the research; and food competitions are basically just an excuse to socialize with friends and have some fun in the process.

    As an introvert, I would almost always rather do something by myself. But to my extroverted wife, always having to do her hobbies locked away in a room on her own would be torture!

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