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  • Oh I meant nothing but complements. The “measuring volts with an ohm meter” part had me cracking up in my cubicle.

  • Pete, half the reason I watch your videos is to hear your impressions of hypothetical people.

  • First of all, I’ve always had a strange love for fans (I don’t know why) so your project intrigued me from the start. I would guess the reason you didn’t see much success is because you aren’t able to get any good airflow going. I’ve noticed in my car if I I crack the sunroof and the windows, it makes a huge difference on hot and sunny days. But in that case, the hot air rises out of the sunroof and cooler air is pulled in from the windows. This causes airflow throughout a good portion of the car so it stays cooler.

    In your case, cool air is pushed in and pulled out from a smaller area, and there’s not much room for mixing. I’d say to improve your system, mount the intake fan to a window and then keep the output fan where it is. Better yet, if we making custom mounts anyway, put your two fans as intakes and build a shield for your sunroof to allow you to crack it open without letting in bugs or rain. This will both double your airflow and increase the area over which the air is actually flowing.

    Of course then you’ve gone to all this trouble of an expensive solar cell, wires all over your car, three custom window panels…. and you’ll probably reach the same conclusion that it only really makes a difference for the first 10 seconds or so that you are in your car.

  • Lol what?

  • Bingo!

  • Ironically in Canada they call it bacon radio.

  • I fully admit I wasn’t sure which comment you were replying to!

  • I don’t think the article was designed to make a political point at all; in fact, I think they go out of their way to be as neutral and factual as possible. If they were just shilling for the left they would have just said “prices are going to go up because of Trump” and ignored all the nuance and details that were included in the article.

  • Lol what?

  • Ummm we are talking tariffs here, I’m not sure how we got to income equality and labor unions.

    Best case scenario tariffs are supposed to bring production back to the US, right? That might be great for the American factory worker who lost his job to the Chinese (that is, until he loses it to a robot), but it’s also going to make prices go up for everyone. Price increases disproportionally hurt those on the lower end of the income spectrum. Bezos doesn’t care if a new car costs him 0.000000000125% of his net worth when it used to cost him 0.000000000100% but you’d better bet Joe America is going to lament 12.5% vs 10%.

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