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  • Four... and synthetic!

  • What about you shipping the Ostrich version? that would solve a lot of issues.

  • Skeptical friend:"I don't know Rich, Are you sure this is the right way to get Hollywood to film The night of the swimming-singing-living dead?"
    Rich (with the gravest tone): "If this doesn't do... nothing will do my friend. [To his creation and with a tender voice] Now, from the beginning my little ones: one-two-three...[signing]"
    Months later on the billboards:
    "They won't stay dead (nor still nor muted)"

  • I agree, it's fantastic to see your branding but in this case it just adds nothing more than problems. Please offer the neutral alternative.

  • I also submitted my Jeopardy like game, the plus is that it uses electricity not only to feed the electronics...
    It's Flash based on more than one sense (OK, that was my last pun in this comment).
    Check the photos of Marcos 0.1 and you might recognize the big dome buttons available in the store.
    Vote, comment and rate.

  • So...a few months have passed by now... any chance there is a not so detailed tutorial coming soon? I only want UART communication and the challenge is still above my current ability. Does it help if a say "please"? Please?

  • Does anyone know a tutorial were the PyxiOS SD library gets implemented to control this little and hell bound beast?
    I only need to log simple timestamps and this thing has already stolen many days of my live.

  • As the only Mexican customer who was lucky enough to place an order let me say in big capital letters and lots of exclamation marks: ??????THANK YOU SPARK FUN!!!!!! (the opening marks are free just for you pals, in the Spanish language we have plenty of them).
    I am really amazed for your Free Day... it's uncommon to hear about a company giving away $100 with no restrictions at all... you are fantastic.
    As a side note... you should give a special gift to the client who placed the highest order ($425.42)...who incidentally it's me :) (I have so much to explain to my wife); keep doing the great job you have done (and don't hear the silly-angry people that don't understand this was an opportunity of fun and celebration). Again: thank you so much.

  • What is the function of the C terminal???
    Can I use it to charge my battery as Leah says http://www.flickr.com/photos/leahbuechley/2845764065/

  • Can I use this with the LilyPad without any additional hardware?
    The LyliPad version of this motor cost $10 more. Thanks.

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