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  • Guys - the correct link to article is http://tushev.org/electronics/arduino/item/47-interfacing-hh10d-with-arduino

  • ok ,got it, thanks.
    misunderstood the sentences
    “…you can pair this module with our SM5100B evaluation board. There is no SIM socket on this board …"
    BTW - nice avatar :)

  • Command set doc says that there is 921600 mode (ATL8), but it doesn’t work - seems not for this device :(

  • LOL - Currently in orbit
    and healthy: 30 :) , planned total 59 (2014-xxxx)

  • Guys, maybe to spread the load you can make several random free days through the year, or just several moments on each day (i mean if you have 150k to give - that’s about $400 for each day of the year the same as to give quiz to 5 random customers each day, 5 because not all the questions will be answered :) ). But yeah that won’t look so fun.

  • I’ve made simple cable with 5v voltage regulator, 2 capacitors, 2 15k resistors (plus mini usb on one side and USB A type receptacle on the other side), and it works(tested with flash drive, usb card reader, bluetooth dongle). It gives power to both board and usb flash itself.
    One thing i don’t like in this board is that space between separate pin lines is not standard so when i made a “shield board” for this board it was tricky to connect (had to rotate connectors a bit, so that also a bit ugly looking).

  • Description tells that there is no SIM socket on SM5100B board, but as i see on the picture there is a SIM slot. Who is wrong ?

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