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  • I’m getting a decent amount of flickering in my display when just keeping a temperature readout on the screen (updates infrequently). I’m driving the thing off an arduino uno, and the uno is plugged into a 9v wall wart.

    Is there a capacitor I could add somewhere or something I could do to reduce the flickering? It’s not real bad but it would be nice to reduce.

  • Don’t hesitate, buy it.
    I’ve used many cheap soldering irons in the past and it was always a hassle. This iron has been a joy to use for the two years I’ve owned it. I keep it plugged in permanently at my desk so whenever I want to work on something I flip the switch, choose my temperature, and 15 seconds later I am ready to go. No more waiting for those cheap irons to heat up, and the solid base makes feels safer. It also has a place to store my roll of solder.
    I wish I would have bought something like this when I started learning electronics, rather than blowing through so many cheap tools.

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