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  • This is by far the best set of libraries and resources that I have found for setting up a web server on an arduino.

  • Another strange thing has to do with the amount of heat this thing can generate. When operating an arduino with a 12v wall adapter, and the Ethernet controller, the voltage regulator gets smoking hot! Too hot to touch! Any ideas on how to fix this (other than use a 7v power supply)? I was thinking about just using a USB power adapter since heat isn't an issue when powering from USB.

  • Actually, it only seems to happen when I am running the arduino on this power supply AND I have the most recent (as of October 2011) Ethernet shield attached.

  • My arduino gets super hot when using this. Anyone know of a way to cut down on the heat?

  • I just received mine the other day. There was something weird about it though. Its as if the foam it was mounted in disintegrated a bit in storage/shipping. That not the weird part though. Its as if the top of the board is covered in something that caused all these bits to stick to it. The unit works fine, but I had to clean it up significantly to make it not look so dirty.

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