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  • Just want to clarify, as previous rules have never stated it before – is there a period before the contest where we can freely drive around the ground track, collecting data, etc?

    This would greatly facilitate vision-based navigation, for instance, especially if classifier training and mapping can be done overnight. But I would imagine even collecting GPS waypoints would be a lot easier that way.

  • I’m replying here just to confirm TheMoogle’s findings. The silkscreen on the bottom is LYING, so be careful when wiring into your circuit.
    With my ICSP wired as TheMoogle has shown, I have successfully programmed an AVR on my Mac. But instead of cutting the JP1 trace, I use a D-Link USB 2.0 powered hub. Without the powered hub, the device isn’t recognized by avrdude. Presumably it just takes too much current from the USB bus to work.
    Also, the “Powered/Not powered” switch doesn’t work because the TARGET-PWR net is also powering U2, but if you disconnect its power, then the other inputs to U2 hold TARGET-PWR high. U2 should be powered by VCC.

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