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  • The thing about most pump companies is they're Cheap; if the hardware wasn't designed 30 years ago then they're not interested. The card reader interface is almost certainly raw TTL data with a Card Present (!CP) line and one pair of !CLK/!DAT lines for each track read (so 2 pair in this case). It's up to the software to determine if the data is being read forward (card inserted) or reversed (card removed) and to verify the LRC. Look for MagTek's "I/O Interface for TTL Magnetic Stripe Readers, Technical Reference Manual" for more info.

  • Looking at the datasheet it would seem you could add intensity/brightness control by feeding a PWM signal into the Blanking Input of the 74HC4511. If you wanted to go crazy and add a 2nd (DriverX) line for each digit so each one has it's own PWM signal you could do a fade effect on digit change...

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