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  • So far, Gainspan module DOES NOT perform AP mode. AT+WM=2 as per the datasheet. That command returns ERROR: INVALID INPUT. The firmware that ships with the device does not even recognize this as a valid command! You are forced to sign a Non-Disclosure in the hopes of getting the firmware 2.3.1 to install (which it won't). So this device does not do what the datasheet says it will do. Neither Gainspan or Sparkfun will support you on this. Stay away from this device if you think it will do Access Point mode. It will not. It might be Sparkfun's breakout board that's causing the device to reboot every time I attempt to upload a new firmware...but I can't get any support so I don't know how to troubleshoot this.
    That's not the only problem. AT&V shows the exact same settings as I used for AT+WA=MySSID,, and that command returns "OK" where ATA returns "ERROR" which doesn't help.... AT+WM=0 and AT+WAUTO=0,MySSID,, so ATA should not be failing. But ERROR doesn't tell me what the problem is.
    UPDATE: 11/01/11 8:39PM - I was contacted by Michelle in Sparkfun's customer service who said she is looking into it for me. Keeping fingers crossed, will keep you posted. (Please note, I sent two emails to Sparkfun, one to try and get the firmware and a second once I had the firmware to ask about loading the firmware, which is what triggered her response, not my wanking here in the comments)

    UPDATE: 11/04/11 11:04PM - I was contacted by Gainspan who told me I needed to pull G27 high (3.3v) during boot. Then I ran the gs_flashprogram.exe (installed from C:\GainSpan\EvalKit\2_3_1\tools\gs_flashprogram\gui_version folder) and selected the C:\GainSpan\EvalKit\2_3_1\WLAN Firmware (WFW)\bin\WFW-REL-2_0_27.bin file and the two from C:\GainSpan\EvalKit\2_3_1\userapps\Serial to Wi-Fi (S2W)\bin\Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). I am now able to use these commands to manually setup limited AP mode.


    However, the unit will not take AT+WAUTO=2,Gainspan,,9 and therefore will not auto boot into AP mode. It also fails to understand AT+DHCPSRVR=1 and it doesn't seem to want to boot in any security mode other than "open."

  • Great product!
    What about making one or more of the triggers work with PWM inputs from a RX? I?d love to be able to make my 3 position switch work like this:
    Middle position = Stop, Down = Play, Up = Next & Play.
    Also, if you put out another revision of the board, can you make it 1/2 the size? This thing is HUGE!

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