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  • Different applications. The evaluation board is much bigger than this board and is meant to help you learn how to use the chip. This board is meant for use in actually installing the chip into something useful.

  • Got mine and was pleasantly surprised also! I got another of the ubiquitous blower motors like you did :-), but the big prize for me was an LCD-09568 (serial LCD) which seems brandy new except that a header has been soldered on already. $30 of goodness for $10 right there -- and it's something I actually did have a use for already!

    Other interesting and useful things too like a DIP-8 amplifier IC and a Lilypad battery board. I will never buy male breakaway headers again! (31 x 12-pin headers included) Which is good, because I use those like candy anyway.

    Also: nice SparkFun pocket protector. :-)

  • Well, I guess I could have humanly gone faster, because I got one this time -- but only after months of intense training to prepare for this moment. Also helped to already have my cart ready with other things I wanted, my shipping option already selected in my head, and my credit card number ready to Ctrl-V. I've learned my lesson: Dumpster Dives are not for the faint of heart! :-)

    Checking out is now an aerobic activity.

  • Thus https://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/59

  • Yeah OK, "Hardware Guide" right at the end there. Got it. Question still stands whether SparkFun will carry them, though. (Also, the "Block" standard is the 2.0mm mating height?)

  • This is just one example of how SparkFun is electro-awesome. Ordered Edison stuff from you to play with right after it was announced and waiting eagerly for it to arrive!

    One bit of info I can't seem to find in the docs anywhere (though I might have just overlooked it in the excitement) -- is there a part number for the exact 70-pin Hirose connector we need to use? Or alternatively, will SparkFun be adding those to stock for us to use in our own Block designs?

  • Hmm, I'm a tad frustrated here. I bought this as a summer activity for my 12yo son, but he and I are sitting here scratching our heads on a Saturday morning - we can't figure out how to put this robot together. None of the links lead to instructions that use the parts we have in our kit (which match the list above, but not the picture at the top of the page). I'm at a loss as to what goes where...and what on earth are the "sticky tabs" for? Kind of surprised the product was changed without updating the instructions at the same time!

  • I understand. It's just the whole experience of "That looks cool, I have a use for that -- NO! Disappointment!" that can be frustrating. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. :-)

  • Just love when they send me an email about a product that is not in stock with no estimate of when it will be in stock!

  • Whhhhaaaa? 11:59a: Refresh, refresh, refresh, Add, Checkout, Shipping option, no longer in stock. I COULD NOT HAVE HUMANLY GONE ANY FASTER AND I MISSED IT? ARE THE REST OF YOU ROBOTS?

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