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  • i agree. i too, would like to have automatic strippers at home. might make my nights more interesting. ahaha

  • it depends though, do you mind sending in from china? i've bought many ATTEN brand oscilloscope, and my last purchase got a dual channel 100MHz digital oscilloscope for ~360ish USD. for around $400+ you could include shipping to wherever you are. of course, warranty is nonexistent unless you don't mind sending it back to china, but i have yet to break my units even though i use them quite extensively in my workshop. and yes, i bought several.

  • aaaannnnd.. you have guessed correctly sir! those programming books, especially the translated ones, are useful only as dictionaries because more often as not, major parts were translated word for word. i'm Indonesian, and a programmer, and still i find difficulties understanding those books.

  • i like that enclosure for the WiTilt. you guys should think of making a bigger enclosure category. any chance that enclosure could be sold separately?

  • well in terms of embedded projects, i've only used python for the telit platform. made me that gps gprs tracking device fro the total cost of $400 when i can now get one from chine for under $100 :( . otherwise, yeah, i dont realy see the use of python on embedded devices..

  • well come on.. AVRs arent that expensive. free day or not i'm sure you'll do just fine. go ahead and order that chip. or at least download some pirated ebook. :)

  • agree. I'm in Indonesia, and i got $40. never even thought of taking the quiz. although it was fun seeing that "something broke" page..

  • does this work with lithium polymer batteries sold here? i need 4 days of standby time for a project, and since the module has a built in charger that would simplify a lot of things..

  • does it work with the lithium polymer batteries sold here? anyone ever test that?

  • congratulations on the events guys, wish i could be there, but international travel just to see DIY electronics racing and crashing didnt go well with my wife. which is also the guardian of the gold. then i saw the pictures and feel like crying. :D
    T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts!! any of those posters would be awesome on a t-shirt. want.

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