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  • See: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3656/4554430700_4455a1b4c4_b.jpg
    I added a 6 pin header in the prototyping area with the end pin on the ground bus. You can plug a USB-TTL serial cable (as used with Boarduino, Pro etc) onto this. Patching the 4th pin along (orange on my cable - TX Data) to the TX pin connects the two outputs together.
    Then you can either (i) switch the GPS power on and get real data or (ii) switch the GPS power off, connect a cable and test indoors with any program that can send NMEA sentences to a COM port at 4800bps. I used MS Flight Sim with the GPSout plug-in but there are many apps that will do this.

  • I thought I'd share my error here in case it saves anyone time later: the tempting group of six pins next to the USB connector seem to have all the connections you need. However the serial port is the WRONG ONE. To log from a serial source you need to use the pin marked RXI0 on the other side of the board!
    My logging accelerometer now works nicely, though I'd love for the real time clock to be enabled and battery backed, with a mode to insert a periodic time stamp into the file (after a carriage return is received).

  • I've managed to get this to log something from the ADC inputs but nothing from the serial (which is what I'm trying to do). jatkins asked if this input can accept TTL level signals and I don't see an answer...
    I'm trying to log the serial output from the hardware uart on a 5v Arduino Pro Mini 328.

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