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  • After chatting with "Allison" (who was very helpful) I should make a point on this item: Yes, you can use an 18650 BUT It will discharge into oblivion if you don't have a protection circuit for the cell! And there is the potential for over-discharge-current (over 1C)! This is intended to be used with a cell that HAS PROTECTION CIRCUITRY ALREADY ON-BOARD, or you have to provide it yourself!
    What I would like to see is a version of this board that has a cell holder for an 18650 and that has the protection circuitry built into it for that kind of cell (not to replace this item, but as an alternative).

  • Short answer No long answer Yes with a But: These are found in many popular laptop battery packs. But those packs usually have protection circuitry in them to protect them from over/under charge and heat. Then the cells "die" the circuitry shuts off and has to be "re-enabled" somehow (like they would at the factory when building them for the first time). They are also often soldered together in serial stacks of 3 parallel matched cells (for the 9 cell versions), meaning you'd have to cut and re-solder a lot of tabs, and that each group of parallel cells is MATCHED and equally charged upon insertion into the pack.

  • It looks like you should NOT have JP1 and JP2 BOTH with a solder glob on them, else you'll short out one of your source Jacks. If you have JP1 shorted, the barrel jack already populated is good to go, but the other connection doesn't go anywhere. If you have JP2 shorted, you are essentially using the two inputs in SERIES. Is this correct based on the schematic?

  • "Hey friend, have you heard... about the Word...?"

  • A WORD OF WARNING: 3M made something like this many many years ago that worked very well for elevating and positioning boards that needed to be isolated from vibration. This is a lot thinner so it doesn't do that very well BUT that material and others like it seem to break down into a.... gooo is the only way to describe it... that will coat and make sticky EVERYTHING it touches and transfer instantly to any surface. Requires a lot of contact cleaner or Goof-Off to get rid of. This "goo" process takes a long time (decades in some cases), so remember that when Future You has to do something with the PCB Today You is building into an enclosure.

  • In an attempt to recreate the Electric Slide, he merely demonstrated the effectiveness of the Actobotics A,B,C,D,E,F, AND G linear slide frames... simultaneously... and at speed. The conference table was impressed... and scratched... and gouged... The cleanup crew, however, was not moved.

  • Are there tags on the products that are/work with them? Even if you couldn't do a straight up title search for them, if there was a "Works with" metadata tag of some sort, searching would still be possible and could lead to a catalog-like page for these. This would also apply for Pi-specific stuff, 'Duino specific stuff, GPS-module-specific stuff, etc. I know you guys maintain a "related products" tag in your DB's, I've seen them mentioned in comments before, but are those tags visible to the users? (I work in SharePoint, Search is one of my many job requirements :P )

  • that was my first thought too :D my cousin had a set at grandpa's house when I was a kid... such memories... much feels...

  • "Nope, still can't hear anything, I don't think the hat's helping" "Here, let me try it again..." "DUDE! WHY ARE YOU ENCOURAGING HIM!?"

  • Or separate heat zones like many cars have. Butt / Butt + Back / Back / Off

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