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  • Thanks for the reply. I got it working. just for reference how do I know what firmware version do i have? The key to make it work was that I have to update ALL libraries before compiling the programs. ALL libraries should be up to date in order to make it work.

  • Any news on that guide?

  • Hello Has anyone made this (or the breakout) work with STM32 on mbed??? Apparently there are several libraries (so I suppose it works) and even one (only one) video on youtube of this working BUT I cant make it work. (and googling it seems a lot of other people can not either) So far I have been able to identify the problem to the INT pin.

    One user on the breakout comments said that grounds should be joined but come on, in the shield they are already so this is not the problem I guess.

    I also noticed that different than on the Arduino UNO, SCK is not working for mbed...

    Can anybody help. I have already spent two weeks trying to make your product work without any luck

  • Thank you for the interesting reply and recommendation. I will look into those products as well. Quick question though. does this mean that I can connect the CC3000 directly to a processor like the STM32?? how about the shield... I believe that is just a breakout enhance with arduino-like connections and a SD....

  • So it is actually a 3.3V system with supply of 5V converted through a regulator? interesting... I have actually worked with a system like this. Quick question, is there a way to supply just 3.3V to this bypassing the regulator? or what would you suggest if I want to interface it to a micro that is already running on 3.3V like the STM32 nucleo?

  • Hello. I would like to ask if there is anything like this product (or the breakout) that can run on 3.3V not 5V?? Any advice will be very much appreciated

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