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  • Yes, can you please share more detailed specifications RE "Battery includes built-in protection against over voltage, over current, and minimum voltage." I want to include low voltage shutoff in my next project so I don't destroy batteries, but if the battery already has a minimum voltage cutoff around 3.0 V that would save me a lot of trouble.


  • I love Sparkfun, but I'm really pissed off that they're as lazy (dishonest?) as everyone else that sells solar cells like this, with respect to the power rating. Power = V * I (instantaneous); Power != open circuit voltage * short circuit current. In either case of open circuit or short circuit Power = 0. Open circuit Voltage 8V * Open circuit current 0A = 0 W Short Circuit voltage 0V * short circuit current 0.65A = 0W Please post more realistic ratings, i.e. actual current and voltage at peak power, if not current vs. voltage curve.

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