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  • Ok I finally got mine working, and I thought some would be interested in the additional steps that were necessary. First I was using the attiny48, which didn't have an entry in the avrdude config file. You can add attiny48 (t48) entry to the avrdude config file by following this:
    If you just type in "avrdude -v" at your command line it will tell you where to find the config file.
    I also had to use a usb hub in between the pocket programmer and my computer for windows xp to recognize it.
    Finally, the programmer was having problems with the command line given above for programming. I ended up using the following:
    avrdude -c usbtiny -B 10 -pt48 -U flash:w:display.hex -vvvv
    The main change was making the B option 10. Until I did this I was getting "programmer operation not supported errors".
    The -pt48 sets it up for the attiny48.
    I also included the -vvvv option to get more information, as I was having so many problems until I set B to 10.

  • Will though hole also work with this method?
    (I saw someone ask this, but there was no reply)

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