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  • Thanks Casey!

    Here's another scenario. What if I placed the order to go to Sumas, Washington? Can it be shipped land only for me to pick up there?

    Just trying to see what works and how I can grab some more cool Sparkfun goodies in the easiest way when we are back in North America this coming summer :-)

  • If I order a lilypad Arduino (say DEV-12049 ROHS) with a Li-Po batter, they can ship because it is the battery AND the device it is actually powering? Just checking because I would like this.

    Also, what about if it is going to a sea consolidator for overseas shipment NOT by air? Can I have it sent ground form CO to WA (Kent, Washington), where it will go on our container for sea freight to Mongolia?

    Please respond on here, or email me at b dot doig at isumongolia dot edu dot mn

    Many thanks!

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