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  • Your description above comparing the trademarks and product lines of SPARC International and SparkFun makes it very clear to me that this is a frivolous claim.
    I will also send an e-mail to sparcinfo@sparc.org complaining that this is an unjustified action on their part. I understand these are tight times, but the SI legal staff is wasting judicial time, and multiple parties money with this.

  • After contacting SparkFun and Olimex we determined that this header board contains the ATMega128-16AU part and not the ATMega128-16AC part as shown in the picture. This is very good news since the 16AU is industrial temperature range instead of commercial temperature range.

  • I also would like to know if SparkFun could provide the GM862-QUAD-PY version of this module. The ability to run python code in the chip makes it possible to eliminate a microcontroller in my design, and simply connect SPI devices to gather inputs.
    Unfortunately, looking at the dates of the older posts makes is look pretty lonely here in the comment section.
    One vendor for the GM862-QUAD-PY appears to be trenz-electronic.de for about $135 US.