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  • You have given me a timely example to give to one of my classes today. This is an example of a synchronization problem we call the Readers-Writers problem ( for a quick explanation, see: ).

    In this case, the Exclusive Lock is giving priority to the writers, so the quantities in the system can be changed.


  • You can fit a shield with stackable headers into the box, so you can get some devices outside of the box.
    Here is an example from one of my projects:
    In my case, I have an audio jack, but it runs through the battery holder area, because I am powering the box from an external power supply.

  • You mention what we should do if an arduino board has a small hole next to the ICSP connector.
    What do you suggest we do if a shield is missing a hole.
    Most, if not all, of the Sparkfun shields I have are missing the hole on the Digital side of the ICSP connector. Some of these (like the SparkFun XBee shield) have traces running where the hole should be.
    The extreme example I have is a Sparkfun MicroSD shield, which doesn't have any of the holes in it....

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