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  • For some reason, my 'thing' has suddenly forgotten how to run the sketch on restart - it always drops directly into boot loader mode and stays there. When I hook up a terminal I see 'boot mode:(1,6)' which tells me that GPIO/DTR is low, but this happens even if I pull that pin up manually with a 4.7k resistor. I can download new sketches and they run fine the first time, but once the device is power cycled, it always just sits in boot loader mode. I had recently upgraded to arduino IDE 1.8 and v2.3 of the ESP8266 tools, but even downgrading back down to 1.6.x and older 8266 tools does not change the behavior.

    How can I get my thing unstuck from boot loader mode and run the sketch that is already onboard?

  • I love how easy this device was to set up, and the built-in I2C/SPI support, but I, too, am finding the temp readings from this device to be consistently high, sometimes by as much as 9 degrees F. I have it connected via I2C directly to an ESP8266 thing (WRL13231), with the BME280 board hanging off the edge so it doesn't pick up heat from the thing, and I have two other thermometers sitting right next to it. The temps all rise and fall together, but the BME280 is between 5 and 9 degrees (F) high. The thing should be delivering 3.3v, so I don't think it's over voltage, and it's in a fairly breezy outdoor location so I also don't think it's surrounded by heated air. This is so far off I'm tempted just to call it defective or miscalibrated and order a replacement. It's a shame we can't somehow fix the calibration by taking known temps.

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